Importance of reliable web hosting company & how it can affect your website

Reliable web hosting companies are pretty much the backbone of any website. With the new variants of reliable web hosting available, it has become a much more crucial element in the success of any website. Amongst the variants, budget web hosting, enterprises web hosting are the most popular and user friendly options. Customers have the liberty from choosing from any of these options to for the base of the website as one which serves as a supplementary speed boost to the website. The features of web hosting that affect the working of website in multitudes of ways are summarized below.

Importance of reliable web hosting company

Web hosting can affect the websites progress exponentially by strengthening its base. The hosting of the website determines several key factors including its access speed, time lag, download and upload speeds as well as its rating. The most repulsive thing for any customer is the slow access speed of any website.

“Researches on several high ranking websites indicate that any website of a loading time of more than 45s is 85% more likely to be ignored or closed by its users.”

How it can affect your website

Most users also find this issue linked with the time lag. Time lag is something which practically drives out viewers from the website. A website with slow command reaction rate is the worst thing which a creator fears and the main root of time lag in most cases is the server of the hosting company. A crowded/non maintained server is guaranteed to cause time lag where as on the contrary, a well maintained server with a no of website limit can cause a complementary effect in boosting the browsing speed of the website.

Its warrantee/guaranteed data security

The second most imminent reason to hire reliable web hosting company are its warrantee/guaranteed data security. Most quality web hosting companies provide data packages with the assurance that upon loss of any data, a hefty compensation will be made. The servers are backed up by high power sources 24/7 so the chances of server crash are nearly 0%. The threat of hackers/interceptors is minimized by the administrator controlled interface which allows only relevant officials with access key to enter the website’s control panel. Data is encrypted with up to 64 bit encryption during transmitting thus the probability of data being decrypted by the hacker is 0.

Most web hosting companies also offer valuable services of customizable home-pages and control panels thus allowing the owner of the website to manage bandwidth/data volume in a way that is most comforting. These companies also feature a URL that is equally accessible to administrators and managers alike. The control panel also features the facility to edit anything from resellers to customer’s chains.

For customer’s that are looking for more than just normal hosting services, the facility of purchasing Virtual Private Networks and dedicated servers is also reserved. These VPN’s are managed by the most comprehensive data centres and most stable servers.  Automated distribution of OS is also offered allowing precise control over every aspect of working.

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