5 Steps to Get the Maximum Benefit From Guest Blogging

Most bloggers are well aware of the benefits they can gain from guest blogging but for one reason or another they are unable to get this scheme working for them and that is why they do not promote it further. The blogger must be clear about the plan which he is going to execute for guest blogging and also the steps involved for the execution of the plan, any mistake even in execution stage may result in less or no benefits at all. I would suggest you to follow these 5 steps to reap maximum benefits of guest blogging.

i)                    Workout a concise strategy

It would work like charm if you have a clear and concise strategy. You must have the knowledge about your objectives and you know how to pursuit them. Develop some key performance indicators to check whether you have gained what you intended at start and keep on making notes for misses by tracking your activities.

ii)                  Identify the relevant blogs

You have a whole lot of blogs to choose from but if you want to attract traffic towards your blog, you must be aware of the blogs that are similar to yours’ and popular so that you can get increased readership. It is dependent upon your target audience and where they like to visit online. You must acquire the knowledge of the best blogs of your category/industry. You must recognize the ones which are involved in guest blogging and know its benefits.


iii)                Find niche blogs for guest blogging

Not all relevant blogs want you to write a post that they would publish on their blog that is why you need to reach those who are willing to incorporate your blog and further support you in the future.  Before finalizing always check for website credibility/authority and links profile through online tools such as Open Site Explorer, also make sure that the prospective blog has the required level of engagement i.e. they are shared or tweeted enough on regular basis.

iv)                Develop & organize yourself for web traffic

If you have been successful up till now, you must be prepared for the traffic you will get from your guest post. So, equip your website/blog with the content (product/service/idea) that you want to promote and the only way to acquire full advantage is getting aligned with your plan and strategy which you have developed in the first step.

v)                  Convince them to write for your blog

It would be a very good opportunity for both of you if you can somehow convince the blogger (one on whose blog you will write a guest post) to write a blog post for your blog. In this way, you can complement each other’s posts and establish authenticity of your blogs as well if this keeps on going further.  This would engrave a very positive impression on the mind of your readers and the readers of the host blog. Working in this way to enhance the reach of your blog is one of the ways but it is guaranteed for your success if you have identified the opportunities and benefits in guest blogging.