Tips to increase the conversion rate of your blogging websites posts

Being positioned in the first pages of Google and receive many visits every day is really a hectic task. However, if attracting users to your site is essential to sell they should also be encouraged to buy. In addition, this is not so obvious! Here are tips to increase the conversion rate of your blogging websites.

How to increase your blogging websites conversion rate?

1. Analyze visitor behavior

First, analyze what works and areas for improvement. Identifying locations of generators interactions sheets that do not trigger the purchase and those on the contrary have a high conversion rate. You will identify best practices to be applied to areas that are not working well.

2. Suggest similar topics

If your site is technical or if you propose various posts on different niche, offer the user with some recommended posts or topics  that will help them navigate well through your blogging websites posts.

3. Humanize your blogging website

It is important to create a climate of trust on your website. To do this, add a page “About”, on which you put a picture of yourself with a description of your profile and your experiences will help you establish a relationship with the user.

4. Allow a quick search of posts or article

The user arrives at your blogging website after a specific query in Google. To do this, take care of your breadcrumb. Narrow your menus, your categories and sub-categories for the user to find it easily. Do not forget to provide a search bar available on all pages of your e-commerce and blogging website visitors can enter the query directly on your site.

5. Limiting load time

Navigation on your blogging website should be fast and smooth.  Loading time of pages not only affects the ranking in the search engines but it also affects the nerves of the visitor.

6. Highlighting best posts

Sometimes, instead of choosing among all posts, people go with the choice of they wish to read. It may be interesting to propose a selection of approximately 10 posts that are very popular with your fellow parts.

7. Allow reviews

A rating system and is particularly useful advice on e-commerce. Indeed, users like to refer to the experiences of consumers to make their choice. Allowing them the opportunity to express themselves, you increase the confidence of the visitor but also you allow him to make a choice knowingly.


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