6 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail!

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs present on the internet, each of them in a hope to attract traffic towards itself despite of the fact that the attention of people and liking of your blog depends on quite a number of factors and not just making an online presence on the web. If we can understand the reasons why most bloggers fail would help us not only to avoid them and help us in creating something worthy of real praise and attracting heavy traffic that every blogger aspires.

i.)      Comparing your blog with others

The first reason is that bloggers usually compare themselves with others which have been there for a long time and have established their credibility and authenticity. The bloggers must understand that the environment is altogether different for both and therefore must need to cater different strategy to appeal the crowd.

ii.)    Lack of seriousness

It is found to be the major reasons for the bloggers to fail because blogging for the money is not the reason to start a blog. You must be fully involved in it and you must be able to depict your passion and enthusiasm for the blog. You must make appropriate responses to the comments and try to involve your audience with your interests. If you don’t care for your own blog why would anyone else spend his time on your article?

iii.)  Expecting early results

When someone starts a blog he has a goal in mind either to share information and gather fame and likes from people all over the world or monetize your blog and get rich as soon as possible. Blogging is a serious business that requires a lot of hard work and patience. If you are a newbie and you don’t have enough experience for a blog, the chances are that you would make mistakes in the first few months which would cost you, your time and efforts without any reward.  Working without reward is very difficult and that is the point when most bloggers quit and choose to fail.

iv.)  Focus on the content only

The point in blogging is to get more and more readers with every passing day while you create content. The mistake most bloggers do is to focus all of their energy just on creating more and more content rather than getting attention of the people out there who are unfamiliar with your blog till now and get the benefit of your already created content.

v.)    Blogging on free domains

The implications of blogging on free domains or low level domains are that you are not taken seriously either by your follower or your advertisers. They would want you to put in resources to get your own domains rather than trying to get everything for free.

vi.)  Incapability to understand blogging

When you don’t understand what you are doing, you eliminate all the chances of success. The blogger must be able to understand the mechanism of how blog works and simple tricks such as networking so that he can highlight his blog with minimal efforts.