About Us

Who We Are

Zartash is a joint venture of web designers and online marketers who always strive to offer quality services on affordable rates.

We know Time Is Money for which, we always commit to such a time which is perfect for the project to be completed so that we cannot miss our agreed deadline and you will not suffer any loss because of it. Our quotes are also reasonable that will never let you think why not to hire someone else. We understand every person does not earn in the way others are earning and therefore, we first want to get a quote from our clients. In this way, we evaluate how much our clients can offer and what we should quote that will not become a burden on their pockets.

What makes us different


We are competitive

Zartash believes in client’s satisfaction with perfection and timely delivery. This approach always makes us superior to our competitors.


Money Back Guarantee

Zartash offers a money-back guarantee for a few days after starting to receive services. If you are not satisfied with the results, we can refund your payment.


We are socially responsible.

Zartash provides such types of web developing or designing services that are not just suitable for economic reasons, but also allow you to effectively work socially and enhance the area of your targeted audience.