Guest Blogging for SEO link building is no more in 2014. Really?

In recent weeks, Matt Cutts (Head of the web-spam team at Google) keeps throwing cobblestones in the pool of guest blogging by saying that Guest Blogging for SEO link building purposes will be strongly penalized. Nevertheless, this last story remains to be treated with caution.

Guest Blogging for SEO link building, No More!

The problem with this practice is that, it is too often been used for commercial purposes. Conscious bloggers monetize their blog up and brands wishing to advertise at low prices.  In this era, there are talk about sites that invite everyone and anyone to make items in exchange for a well optimized link to get free content and easily. On the other side of the fence, same story: people wanting absolutely raising the blog in the SERP which offer everything goes in the other articles.

What about the honest bloggers who simply wish to invite an expert in their field to share a slightly different way? The guest-blogging is not the single purpose of making connections. If this does help SEO (be honest!), this should not that be the ultimate goal. It’s against-productive for the guest as to the host.

Google penalizes items designed for the sole purpose of promoting or advertising! These are often the forgotten ones of those who use the guest-blogging only commercial interest or SEO Link Building.

The guest-blogging is much deeper than simple barter anchors optimized. It is a source of sharing, exchange and conviviality. Guest Blogging as a tactical link building is those that Matt Cutts is. After all, if you care only for a few more links. Moreover, you will not be too meticulous about who accept your content, which usually means your guests ends messages on spam sites with little or no editorial process. However, the same is true for any other form of link building.

A use of  thoughtful guest article is a great way to:

  • Offer a different speech but interesting to his readers
  • Tell the guest to a new target audience
  • Offer additional content to its visitors
  • Establish a partnership with a personality of its sector
  • Enjoy the community editor

In addition, the side of the guest, guest-blogging is an effective method.

  • Improve: You do not write for someone else as we write for ourselves;
  • Discover a new community: you learn and hope you discover through the comments
  • Establish a partnership with a personality of its sector
  • Build an image expert

The guest-blogging still has a bright future ahead of him if used with intelligence. Bloggers must take care to choose their guests, but also blogs for which they write. Emphasizing quality and relevance, not only Google will not bother you but also you continue to ensure a quality experience for your readers.

If you are content spam or low quality dozens of generic websites that accept articles guests. So yes, your Guest Blogging is dead and your website. In this case, yes Matt Cutts to kill Guest Blogging you should naturally.

Nevertheless, if you write for very reputed and respected sites, your content goes against your SEO Link Building campaign. Think for a moment about all the popular sites and blogs you read every day, how many of them accept guests as columnists or occasional contributors writers?

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