Secrets behind # hashtag search revealed!

One of the biggest benefits that you can derive from social media is its potential to reach a wide audience for a low cost. Thanks to # hashtag search, it is possible to take control of conversations related to your brand and centralize all information conveyed around in a particular theme more effectively.

However, before using the hashtag, you must comply with certain elements in order to maximize its “dispersion”. If properly exploited, it is possible to promote your event in the best possible way and thus measure results that are more meaningful.

Largely popularized by Twitter, the success of hashtag recently convinced Facebook and Google Plus to adopt it. This is quite essential for the other social networks as far as users are accustomed to include the # hashtag in their publications. Therefore, if you are not a user of these social networks, it is likely that you do not exactly know the definition. Discover it in detail.  Twitter has introduced custom hashtag, mostly to group tweets relating to an event. This facilitates access to news of the event in question. It can also be used for example, to participate in a contest in which you can just post the report and attach the right hashtag to participate

The hashtag, what is it?

It is simply you precede your keywords a “# “in your publications. Be it on Twitter or other social networks, feel free to put the hashtag in the appropriate place at either the beginning or the end of your tweets.

The hashtag, what is the point?

Hashtag search is important as it increases the visibility of your tweets. Every company intends to be visible and recognized and make their presence on social networks. This is an opportunity to improve your network globally. In this sense, it can participate in discussions and interact in real time with people who share the same interests as your company. The hashtag facilitates sleep mode on Twitter. It allows you to see all tweets containing the keyword that interests you.

How to use hashtag search

To create a hashtag, you simply need to precede the desired word with “#”. Spaces are not allowed in between. Therefore, you need to append in the case of a multi-word hashtag (# NBAFinals, for example). Pay same attention to the case while using hashtags. The use of certain characters makes the non-clickable words and your message appear more lucidly in the desired theme.

 Tips to get best from hashtag search

1. Choose a memorable and appropriate term

When choosing your hashtag, you should use an easily remembered word for users. A hashtag should preferably be short and easy to pronounce, so that users can easily spell and use them appropriately. Therefore, be sure to use a term that is associated with the subject and did not deviate.

2. Use hashtag on social networks

After defining a hashtag, use it on different social networks and also adopt this type of operation. While the democratization of the hashtag was done through Twitter, they are now used on many other platforms such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube or Pinterest.


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