Don’t wait for Google: Learn how to get referral traffic to your website

The purpose of creating a website or blog is to get traffic towards it in order to promote your product/ service or idea but the problem with it is that you must have to wait for quite a long time in order to get ranked in search engines list. Meanwhile, you must focus on quality content creation but I recommend you not to wait for google, instead learn how to referral traffic towards your website. In order to do that you must be able to distinguish between direct traffic, organic traffic and referral traffic. For clarity, I am discussing the first two in couple of lines i.e. direct traffic: the visits that you get when someone type in the URL of your website in the browser and hit enter, Organic traffic: the traffic that is directed through search engines.

1. Use advertising

Referral traffic is that which is directed through other websites, blogs and forums. There are plenty of ways to get referral traffic but I will share the most effective as well as the popular ones. The first and most effective way is to place some ads on other websites, banner ads are the best although you must spend some of your bucks for this but believe me it works every time. Time is real money so if you want to save it you must create a way to get referral traffic, instead of waiting for search engines to rank your website. Do not place your ads on one website rather spread them on more, as the more diversification the better it is, depending on your budget. You have to spend some of your time to identify the websites that are worthy to host your advertisement.

2. Become active on forums

Another way to get referral traffic is to make yourself active on platforms such as forums that complement the theme of your blog or website e.g. if you are running a technology blog you must have a presence on top technology forums and take part in discussions where you can paste links to your website or you can have an opportunity to add links to your websites in your signatures. Yahoo Answers is a good platform to spread your message to plenty of people simultaneously.

3. Create content on other websites

Use websites such as Pinterest and stumble upon to create unique content and link them to your website that would provide you a free way to get referral traffic. The key to make it work is creating your own content e.g. in Pinterest you can create cool images that would attract your target audience and if you would link them to your website there is a fair chance that you will get a visitor. The better the quality of your content will be the more pins it will get and the greater reach it would have. Furthermore you can use facebook, twitter, google plus to create active links that would direct referral traffic to your website without waiting to get your website/blog ranked on search engines.