How Freelancing completely revamped the life of SEO Guru Quentin Samuel

The dawn of freelancing has taken the global job market by storm; countless new horizons have appeared for all sorts of people looking to pursue a future in their passion. It has been proven to show a similar impact on all sorts of employers looking to hire top notch employees in rates several times lower than physically hiring employees. Today we will take a glimpse at the lives of 5 people who now live a completely new life due to the induction of freelance work in their lives.

How Quentin Samuel become the creator of more than 50 Alexa top 1000 websites.

Quentin Samuels used to work for a second grade local web development firm when he came across the term” freelancing” while randomly surfing websites across the internet. The details of the business mentioned on that online advertisement were highly lucrative and for Quentin, “Unbelievable”. The website was offering a salary matching nearly 150% of Quentin’s current salary. To add to his astonishment, the job hours required were 4 times less than his current 10 hour work time.

On first glimpse, Quentin thought of it as just another random internet scam but a bad day at the office gave him lots of free time to wonder about his possible future options. In the midst of all that thinking, Quentin decided to give the freelancing gig a shot and according to him, it was the best thing that ever happened in his life.

The online job offered Quentin the liberty to work on the task with software’s that suited him most and unlike the local office, he actually could put his innovation and mental prowess to use in this situation.  His first finish project managed to earn him an Alienware computer for 8 hours worth of work. From that moment onwards, things only got increasingly better for Quentin. He opened up his own freelance group where he lead a team of develops on project that he actually found interesting and workable.

He has earned multiple online awards for his work and he currently claims to be the creator of more than 50 Alexa top 1000 websites.

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