Why Few Peoples Hate Facebook?

If Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, many people says that their group policy also makes it one of the most hated networks. In recent months, the network may also face an  withdrawal in some parts of the world because the user data is compiled and used by advertisers to target specific campaigns. For example, if you like several brands of shotguns and your search history suggests that you are a hunter, it is likely that the data will appear on your Facebook page having a direct connection with your passion. Facebook sees ad targeting as an added value for the user but all users are probably not of the same opinion and many do not even know the practices of the social network.

Facebook retains user data for several years after the closure of an account

The news caused a scandal when it broke.  When the user decides to delete a gallery, if the photos are no longer visible on his Facebook page, still they are available on a Facebook server during several years. The same principle also applies to the closure of the account which disappears “definitely” a few weeks after the confirmation of the user.

Social life takes a hit

Many psychologists today evoke the addiction of certain users in social networks particularly  Facebook . Like any social network, Facebook is trying to maintain the buzz by regularly introducing new features that remind users to order and highlighting the latest articles, photos and videos shared knowledge. Its causes members to continually refresh their homepage to see what their friends are doing, and spend the afternoon surfing from one profile to another . For many, Facebook has even completely replaced Internet becoming a fully-fledged RSS reader. Facebook follows us everywhere now with its mobile applications on smartphones and tablets .This is worst of all!

And self-esteem also…

Many sociologists and psychologists have highlighted the dangers of Facebook on the mental health of users. Viewing photos of other members of the social network, the user tends to compare life to that of others and often forget to keep a critical mind. Like him, other members of the social network tend to highlight the most positive aspects of their personality on the social network, and to distort the image they give to the world. Face to friends who give the impression of constant travel, have a busy social life, to be happy and to have hundreds of friends, some members of the social network tend to lose confidence in them and gradually into depression.

Facebook endangers all accounts linked to your profile

Using Facebook account to register, the user gains precious minutes since the site retrieves some data from account to simplify registration. But all this has not only advantages. Although Facebook has a higher safety standard yet it does not seem entirely impossible that one or more hackers undermine the security of the social network one day, and misuse details of millions users.


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“Image courtesy of [Stuart Miles] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net”.