Why and When I need VPS hosting servers ?

VPS hosting servers consists of partitioning a powerful server for multiple independent virtual servers each with the characteristics of a dedicated server. The solution combines the advantages of a low cost of shared hosting and high performance and availability of a dedicated web hosting.

Considerations of safety, reliability, performance and availability may encourage them to choose to use a virtual private server. VPS hosting servers are by far cheaper than dedicated servers are. As for shared hosting, it is based on the sharing of resources such as disk space, bandwidth and main memory among a very large number of sites, in order to amortize the cost of services provided.

This sharing has implications for the availability and security of your data. Other sites may put your data at risk, especially if they have security vulnerabilities. Used machines are less efficient, therefore unreliable. Suppliers make no warranties as to the data backup. This hosting plan is suitable for sites and applications with low to medium traffic and not required root level access.

The benefits of a VPS hosting servers

The virtual private server, because of its structure, functions in full independence and autonomy from the rest of the platform that supports it, which gives it a more sophisticated security aspect. Hosts use reliable and efficient equipment that is capable of withstanding the load mounted. With administrative tools at your disposal, you can monitor traffic on your VPS. You can also install all utilities, scripts and software that you deem necessary for the operation of your site.

When you need VPS web hosting Servers

The question is often posed to the technical support. Why take is inexpensive and easy to use VPS server then a shared hosting? The question is legitimate because in fact the price of a VPS server is 20 times higher than shared hosting. It is also true that for most websites shared hosting is sufficient. The solution of VPS hosting servers is ideal for professional applications or sites belonging to both private individuals and businesses of all sizes. The VPS is a reliable platform that is suitable for storing backup files.

You can also receive assistance from the host, which covers aspects of maintenance, installation and updating patches on virtual private server. The host may also provide periodic backup operations. The unavailability of your site is minimized and if a major shutdown maintenance constraint arises, you are notified in a timely manner. Thanks to the competition, you can find deals VPS, with a set of attractive services for a reasonable price.

What makes the difference in power is that on VPS  you can use dedicated server resources alone. E.g. for starter range, you actually have 3GB of RAM to your server. In addition, you can use the power of four cores available without constraint. Having dedicated resources greatly increases the quality of the architecture. On shared hosting, you share the machine with other customers.

VPS hosting servers are quite suitable for all eCommerce sites. When a website generates a turnover, it is important to put a little more way to an accommodation. The dedicated server also allows you to have greater freedom of design. You can pretty much add modules to PHP or install programs that are not available on a shared hosting.


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