Crux of my writing: 8 tips for new bloggers!

If you are new to this job, here are some tips for new bloggers that you must have to know if you want to have a smooth journey in this field. With the increase in number of bloggers, most of the guys have developed an interest to start blogging and post on different niche.

Millions of posts are posted every day however not everyone writes good articles. You cannot deny that some items attract your attention like a magnet, while others do not even manage to captivate you more than a few lines.

Crux of my experience in simple 8 tips for new bloggers!

1. Know whom you are writing

The first tips in my list of “tips for new bloggers” is Know whom you are writing This is the essential question you should ask yourself. Who are your readers? Either they are Businesspersons, experienced bloggers, beginners web designers or   even PhDs. Make sure you know who will read your article. By doing so, you will choose a relevant topic and find a style for your article.

2. Title first

You know your subject and your audience now start by finding a remarkable title. It is above all, the first thing readers will notice especially in the results of search engines. If You have the best content  along with eye-catching title, you have more chance that your article will be read.

3. Write in concise paragraphs

You must remember that the visual structure of your article may be as important as its content . Make it easy to read. The problem is that 9 out of 10 readers will not read the whole article , they just go “look through.

4. Use appropriate subheadings

Subtitles are the second most important part after the main title elements. This is why you must do your best to create subtitles concise, informative, and somewhat intriguing. Moreover, Google also appreciates structure with text subtitles and headings.

5 . Visit the things as simple as possible, but not simplistic

Keep in mind that you are not about to write a book. A blog is very different. You must attract the attention of readers quickly. Once you have received, do not let them go. Do not stray from your goal. Keep everything clear, concise and understandable. Nobody will appreciate your vocabulary over-sized, it is not the reason that your readers are here.

6. Use bullet and lists

Bullet and lists work well in articles because they:

  • Draw attention
  • Make it simple and clear lists
  • Allows you to highlight key points

7. Proofread, rewrite

A pause is required to refresh a little mind. My favourite practice is to examine my text again in the morning if I am not too limited in time.

8. Read more

The crux of my tips for new bloggers is perhaps the most obvious of all, but still. Read more. Read articles popular blogs, analyse and learn what makes these best articles. Look what capacity they use and what style they write.


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