The Inbound Marketing Trends in 2014

Broadly, inbound marketing refers to getting customers and increasing the user base, by way of attracting them to use the product. Traditional marketing techniques were advertising, cold calling, e-mailing, etc, which promotes the product to attract customers. Inbound marketing trends and techniques catches customers’ attention without having the need to publish advertisements, by way of interesting content of what the company is about, its policies, etc, which would be in line with customers’ interests, and thus would naturally garner their attention.

Inbound marketing is more of a two-way dialogue between the customer and the company. The company will bring about products and services according to customer demand. This way, the company earns the attention of the customer, and not buys it. With the advent of social media, companies have a chance to prove themselves and earn their way in, unlike having to buy or beg them to go for their products.

 Inbound Marketing Trends

There are several trends that are catching up this season, for garnering attention of potential customers:

  • Content creation – the content is always an essential turning point in converting a potential customer to a customer. It makes all the difference in the customers’ decision of to see or not to see. Creating creative content that answers all the customers’ queries, is interesting, useful and hits the mark, is what companies are looking out for currently. Personalized and well researched information about the company and its products would naturally attract customers.
  • Social media – sharing interesting information on social media, like twitter and Facebook, will get the customer to see the product. Interacting on networks where potential customers will enquire about the product, connecting with these people through personalized answers, and consequently building a continuous relationship with them, will most definitely help in building a loyal customer base. Rather than a generic response to all questions, customers would be delighted to receive personal attention.
  • Responsive Websites – websites in today’s day and age have to be compatible on all devices. Different viewing experiences for mobile and desktop users will have positive effects on potential customers. Impressing the customer is one of the prime inbound marketing trends.
  • SEO – using keywords on the website to analytically appear on search engine results and having content that would show up every time customers search for it, are effective strategies. If users find exactly what they are looking for, it will work as the first lead, and gradually landing on the website, with all the informative content and design, it will manage to catch their attention.

These are the current inbound marketing trends. Basically, all these techniques would do is to get the company to refine and polish itself in such a manner that will naturally garner attention. It will reverberate the fact that, ‘If you are good, they will come’, which means that if the products are just what the customers are seeking and they can see how good it is, they will buy it. The age old tradition of getting the customer to forcefully buy does not work in this age, with smart and inquisitive customers.

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