Guest Bloggers Guidelines

Want to be guest blogger for web development firm and get paid? You are at right place!
Here are Guest Bloggers Guidelines for Zartash Web Blog!

How I can be a Zartash author?

  1. visit
  2. Signup at this webpage

What is requirement to get approved account at Zartash?

  1. You must use your genuine name that you use at your social profile etc.
  2. You should have your clear profile image attached with your email if not that use option in your word press profile page and got profile avatar.
  3. You must have linked your social profile to your WordPress profile. Facebook & Google+ is must
  4. You will have to reply comments in appropriate manners till 7 days of article submission.
  5. You will not share docx file of your written articles with someone if needed always share article link.

What is our Back-link Policy?

We don’t allow dofollow  or nofollow links for paid blogger.

Non paid bloggers can have one no follow link in their profile.

How to submit your first article?

After completing your signup & profile data , Send your article at 

Admin will review your article and if approved your profile status will be changed from subscriber to contributor.


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