Why Your Business Needs A Responsive Website

The businesses nowadays depend heavily on online presence because it can boost corporate image, establish the authority over competitors and is capable to dramatically enhance your sales. If you are aware of these facts you may also know that increasing usage of smartphones, tablets etc. has forced the business website owners to transform them in to responsive website design. Responsive web design is an approach that can retain the user experience equally good on all the devices. It has been shown by statistics that number of visits by mobile device owners is constantly increasing which demands a rapid transformation towards responsive design otherwise it may convert in to missed business opportunity or lost sales.      

The ability of website to resize depending upon the size of the display is such a unique property that keeps the user interested for a long time and away from irritation, the hassle or fight to click on the right link on touch screen devices especially mobile phones.  Web analytics show that on average 74% of the American users leaves the website if it takes more than 5 seconds to download and this behavior shows that there is a very short span during which any website can grab the attention of the user if you miss it you would have to suffer.

It is reported that around 40% of the traffic to major websites comes from mobile devices and with the increasing trend in usage of mobile devices for web surfing, one can easily forecast that it would be the statistics for an average website in a very short period of time. If a business does not react on time and cater for the need of responsiveness of a website, the consequences are severe and it can put you of the business if your business competitors act swiftly in this regard. Although the design of responsive website is a bit costly as compared to the old & traditional websites but it offers a lot more benefits such as ease of navigation throughout the page irrespective of the device, fast download, ease in page access and links specially phone numbers for direct calls, direct sales from mobile devices etc.

One of the major reasons to adapt responsive website design is that most of the traffic is directed through social websites and blogs. It is found in a survey done by comscore that 55% of the users visit social websites through mobile devices and if you have included the use of social media in your business strategy i.e. if you have included the links to your website that directs a user towards your business website, you are in an urgent need to convert your traditional website in to a responsive one. In short, a business cannot survive from now on if you do not have a responsive web design incorporated in your website unless you know for sure that your business do not need a responsive website or you don not depend on your website for getting new business.