Why is a good web developer portfolio a trump card?

To find a good web developer, a thorough scan of the portfolio is generally essential. In such a case, a good web developer portfolio will not only assist you in finding quality work, but also stands to explicitly tell all potential clients that there are a number of projects that you have seen through to the end, that are successful as well. A portfolio is a mirror of the web developer. A showcase of sorts, it speaks of the volume and quality of work that he has done.

Importance of a good web developer portfolio

Building a strong portfolio is very essential to getting business due to the fact that all potential clients base their decisions on what you have done in the past. If it matches their current requirements, you would be selected. There are many reasons for building a strong portfolio –

  • Completion guarantee – websites on the portfolio mainly emphasize on the fact that you have successfully completed them, and they are up and running. Giving detailed information on why you undertook that project, and what kind of problems you encountered and solved, also goes a long way in securing the project and reverberating evidence that you would be an investment and not an expense.
  • Knowledge expertise – a good web developer portfolio will generally speak of your technical knowledge in web development, based on the coding that has been done on the websites that you have created. If a website on the portfolio has interesting sliders, a captivating design, various effects and a modern, new and user friendly navigation system, it would naturally speak of the in-depth knowledge and expertise you hold in the field.
  • Creativity – a showcase of the websites you have completed would speak of the varied levels of creativity that was applied. On a personal level, if you have strived to bring about fresh ideas in the development process, then your portfolio should have a mention of that. Potential clients are looking for new talent, with innovative design and development skills, and the portfolio is the only place where it can be displayed.
  • Impression – a portfolio is usually the best chance to leave an impression on potential clients. Showcasing your best works, with good detailed descriptions and smart content, will not only leave a mark on potential clients, but also give them a reason to contact you again. Selecting only the best of your works and putting that down in the portfolio will avoid having to go through any stagnant or repetitive websites.

These are the main reasons as to why a solid web developer portfolio is essential. It will give that extra edge to your business, and help you gain that one potential project. A portfolio makes the small difference between a good website and a great one, as it is a personalized document of your works. As there is only one chance to prove your worth, make sure that chance is well utilized in the form of a showcase of your works.


“Image courtesy of [Apple’s Eyes Studio] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net”.