Why Should I Have a Website

In present scenario with the advent of smart phones, phablets/ tablets and cool tech gadgets, reaching out to the whole world is easy but you must have a platform i.e. your own customized website,  to do this and effective way and reap benefits from your efforts. You must not waste your time in thinking about “ Why should I have a website?

1.       Online Presence

The very first reason to create your website is that when any of us want to buy something we search it on the web using search engines, get encouraged or discouraged from the feedback of existing customers which are called testimonials and are published on your business website. It would not be possible to get in to the mind of customers if you do not own a website. You’ll lose the very first chance of attracting your prospective customer. Your customer will go to other businesses that offer the solution to their problems despite of the fact that your product was superior that theirs. In today’s world you may think to work without website but you will keep on losing business to those who are present on the web furthermore in near future,   if you are not present online your business would not exist.

2.       Make use of word of mouth

Another reason to have your business website is that it would reduce your efforts to promote your business i.e. if you have a business website that is up to date and contains all the necessary information about your product the only thing that is required is to spread it. If any of your friends or customers wants to recommend you they can share your website address with in their network and you will get attention of hundreds of prospective customers in no time. When you start translating the growth of your sales through your website, you’ll say Thank God, I have a website.

3.       Free promotion

You can have more advertising for very less money paid. By creating your website, you have an opportunity to advertise your solutions all the time and you can add the website address in the campaign you are running so that customers can get detailed information about your offerings from your website at ease whenever they want and when they have time to spare. In that sense you remain very close to your customers without putting in nonessential cash, time and efforts.

4.       Better company presentation

You can use your website to establish yourself as expert and furthermore present your company as you like it suitable. It would also add a positive image in your customer’s mind that you have a website so you must have good quality and reliable products/services. You can answer some of the frequently asked questions to your website to clarify common confusions about your offerings and enhance the user experience. It would also give you an added advantage if your website has an option to place online orders. I hope all that discussion must have answered the question “ Why should I have a website ?”