Website support services offered by Zartash Technologies

This article is all about Website support services offered by Zartash Technologies .Being a major web development company Zartash feels it is its duty to take responsibility of the working of the website. If your site is affected by any problem regardless of its magnitude, you can contact our assistants 24/7 through our help desks.

Zartash takes pride in its client support and help desk services.

Whenever a customer has a problem, a query or an inquiry, our help desk would be delighted to be of any assistance. Our help desk is equipped with latest services including integrated support lines that are open at all times. Our staff is available at both telephones and email accounts so that customers can contact them instantly.

To add to our help desk, we at Zartash also have an emergency developers team that goes instantly to work whenever any crash issues are reported. Zartash also accepts complete responsibility as a web agency in its content management systems. We will accept and maintain any updates to the patches to platform including word press as well as Drupal.

For more prestigious and anxious customers, Zartash also has service agreement plan so that they can contact higher staffs in case of emergent need in a small duration of time. These arrangements will ensure that customers that up to 30 hours monthly with their required staff member. These time spans very on the basis of the complexity of websites and their scope.

Our back emergency web development team comprising of project managers, web strategists and support staff will ensure the completion of long term goals.

Daily progresses are also under the monitoring of these emergency teams reserved for our special customers in need. We allow our developers steady sums of funds to make progresses. This results in multiple returning customers with their ever expanding web sites.

The most important service provided by us is the special private servers on which we host all the data of our customers. We have teamed up with major data centre’s thus securing our hardware spacing and bandwidth allocation issues.

In case of any issues, the company also accepts liabilities of damages and repairs given that the customers has not violated any term of his signed deal. The company will make its utmost effort to correspond to every single issue present and will in its fullest try to solve the issue. If genuine concerns are still not removed, then company would agree to pay refunds of payments made but that would only be done after a comprehensive event investigation by out executive committee.

Regarding website support services, the company believes in being responsible in carrying the data and commits to hold private data in domains that would not go beyond company servers, third party/person would not be give access to any sorts of data thus assuring complete security of customer data under of protected systems.