Web Development Process

Web development process is the most essential part of any website. Web development can be more appropriately quoted as the “Back Bone “of the whole website. Today, there are hundreds of kinds of websites ranging from brochure websites to gigantic interactive portals that comprise of search engines, Content managing systems as well as prominent social networking systems.  By recognizing the need of integration of coding with appearance, Zartash reshapes website with personal touches specific to every individual customer instead of using rigorous modules which make the website repetitive and boring .

Web Development Process in three steps:

Zartash recognizes that every website requires its own specific development for its own league of users so Zartash has devised the development procedure into a series of important stages comprising of numerous steps.


After signing of any project, the project is handed to the research and analysis wing of Zartash which explores all the horizons of the relevant industry and mines for any relevant information about the workings of the industry and its specific user base and requirements. This step is of immense importance as it lays the base of the working of the website. The foundations of any project are usually the most essential part that is needed to be finished perfectly.  This wing also recommends the project architecture to be applied in the process of web development.

STEP 2: Complex Background Development

This process is the most elaborative and extensive out of all the steps of development as it involved rigorous coding of the website in the customers desired web development language. The interactions of languages of selective platforms are also programmed in this stage. The accessibility rate of website and page shift speed usually depends on this stage. This step hastens the working of Zartash created pages compared to those created by conventional companies.

STEP 3: Foreground Graphical Development

This step comprises of the graphical and appearing effects that are functioning on a website. It includes effects like Fade and Dissolve, Wipes, Transitions, Swirls as well as Drop downs. This also includes the coding of pictured and multimedia content present on the website. This step involves the appearing functionality and working of the website. Zartash has a team of talents professionals excelling at this step which results in a magical appearance synchronized perfectly with effects and pop ups.


After the completion of the three stages, the website is handled over to the web development process testing department where it is tested by quality standard officers who check every mentioned ability and effect on the website; website is tested by actually test uploading it on Zartash test servers and maximum possible loads are applied to check the performance under rush hours.

Crashes are also investigated by using maximum possible threads and resources of the website to see its survivability against crashes. Any defects/ instabilities found during testing procedures are carefully noted and removed and retested until website is given a green signal to be handed on to the customer.

“Image courtesy of 89studio / FreeDigitalPhotos.net”.