Steps to a Google-friendly website and Make cash Right Away 

If you desire to make cash from right away and need Google-friendly website, the key is to construct a search engine friendly web site, a web site that is built accordingly to search engine or else mainly Google criteria.

We have to keep in mind that Google is the metropolis hall of the World Wide Web; it is the one that prepared the law, a law that have to be following so as to exist efficiently in the web. I just desire to share some precious info that must be implemented to create a search engine friendly web site to make cash right away.

Step # 1: select an extremely optimized Domain name, choose an optimized Domain is the 1st step as you desire your web site to be documented on a definite keyword, the Domain name must be associated with produce or service that being promote, make a investigate tool like Google Keyword Tool as this was free of charge, easy to use and precise. Always utilize open and close quote when typing key word for the investigate.

Step # 2: Choose a major keyword with low down competing web site, 15,000 and below competing web site is good sufficient as a guide while choosing for major keyword. It is perfect that main keyword must be the similar with the domain name.

Step # 3: Choose for keyword that as a minimum has 5,000 worldwide monthly searches as we do not desire to waste our time for a key word that simply has 100 monthly searches.

Step # 4: generate search engine friendly web site content by using you major keyword on content title, sub title as well as for the body itself. Keyword density is extremely significant as search engine hate key word stuffing, so use the key word naturally on the body, this is believe that 3%-4% keyword to contented ratio is the perfect.

Step # 5 : Optimized your webpages by using LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing), If you were going to make a investigate about LSI, the clarification is might so over whelming and puzzling but just to make simpler LSI is immediately the Keywords thoughts just on top of the Keyword while using Google key word Tools. Using LSI as an added keyword is extremely vital as LSI would certainly help your web pages to be distinguished from your major keyword; other word for LSI is pertinent or related key word. Use LSI with the major keyword.

Step # 6: Post frequently on interval time, among 400 to 500 words is well sufficient together with the major keyword and LSI. Google love original as well as fresh content, up on publishing your first post present your URL to exploration engine and Ping for appropriate indexing.

Step # 7: Create plenty of back link for the major page following pages, generate back link from authority web site (High Page Rank) with a rel do follow tag. Do follow tag is extremely significant as it aid you web page in term of Search Engine Optimization. Use hypernated anchor text (major keyword) when create a link headed for your webpages. Back link is typically build by writing article, bookmarking, blog comment as well as by social media.