Secrets of the best web development proposal revealed!

To formulate the best web development proposal is sort of a challenge. The proposal is all that makes the difference between a potential client and the client. It has to be crisp, to the point, clear to understand, and written in a language that the client understands. Not everyone is knowledgeable about the technicalities of what goes into building a website, and the features that they could possibly have. Presenting all this information in the simplest format will have the most impact on the client.

There is no fixed format of how the presentation should be, but it is essential that all text is well arranged and is sequential. For e.g. one cannot mention the development first and the designing details next, as it is basic knowledge that you cannot develop something that has not yet been designed. This and many such goof-ups could let the project slip by your hands, if not careful.

The best web development proposal features

  • List client requirements and how you could meet them – this is the foremost element. Write a paragraph or two listing down what the client requires from this website, what purpose it is going to serve, and where does the business intend to reach, by way of the website. Writing this down will clarify all doubts that could be present with either party, and is a good way to let the client know how you would be going about completing the task and that you could do this job better than anyone else.
  • Website structure– inform about the architecture of the website, the sitemap. The number of pages and sub-pages, and what is to be included in each page, with regards to images and content. The sitemap will have the home page, article pages, and blog, contact us, etc. Attention to details will ensure that this would be the best web development proposal yet.
  • Website design – the look and feel of the website would be matching the colors of the previous website/company logo, etc. It would be preferable to mention how many options of design files would be provided. Only after approval of the final design, will coding and development commence.
  • Site promotion – SEO and Responsiveness – mention that the website will be Search Engine Optimization friendly, and the content will be such that would enhance marketing. SEO strategies will help garner attention of all those seeking the product through search engines. Responsiveness will show the website in 3 different forms/versions – desktop. Tablet and smartphones. The current trend is to offer to make the website responsive on different devices.
  • Phases and timing – detailing the timescale and prices clearly will give the client an assurance of professionalism. Milestones should be provided at different stages, so the pricing will be clear to the client.

It is necessary to mention these elements in the proposal as an incomplete or unorderly proposal will hamper your efforts to convince the potential client. Moreover, the best web development proposal is a way of presenting your company’s image to clients and hence should be nothing short of perfection.