Mobile App Development

The world has transitioned from the age of computers to the age of gadgets. Computers are no longer the sole leaders in this digital era.  Application stores have now become a major stakeholder in the digital market. Hence it can be stated that every globally active company now has its own mobile app development that helps its customers to access the information and services. Most of the global digital population today is a part of the pool of gadget users. 

Companies today employ different type of applications to meet their corporate sale needs. These Mobile App Development applications range from e-commerce applications to games. Latest research indicates that the application store market has a yearly inflow of more than 12 Billion $. The Customer pool is estimated to in hundreds of millions due to the rapid expansion of the gadget industry.

Every flagship company today has its own Mobile App Development application store, the most common being the I-Tunes store and the Google Play Store. Thus these apps can have a reach up to millions of people. Thus applications have become the perfect medium for any company to target a new league of customers. Zartash has been fulfilling the application needs for companies for years. Zartash has been working in both native and cross platforms based on demands from customers.

Zartash’s native platform services include coding that can be altered to satisfy any special project, It also allows usage of different complex functions involving integrals of different platforms. Native platform services are completely compatible with all the current digital forums thus allowing users of all origins to use this with equal ease. The Specialty of this platform is its ultra HQ design standard which sets it apart from other platforms.

For Customers with financial constrains, Zartash has specifically set up its cross platform team which allows application working with all sorts of gadgets within a very low cost. Apps developed on this platform are developed in less time than usual applications making it perfect for people that require urgent production. Hence the professional performance by Zartash professionals covers up the drawback of reduced graphic functionality.

Zartash puts a lot of focus on the framework and architecture of the product as it is the most important factor in drawing a customer towards any specific application. The frames made are tested with actual test data entry thus checking for any bugs in the working simultaneously.

The most extensive step in mobile app development is the coding of the application. It usually requires multiple layers of coding to make each and every intended function of the application to be consistent with the frames. Due to the nature of the time involved, several BETA tested versions are released to customers for further evaluations. This becomes a fool proof cycle of test-code-debug thus producing a perfect app at the end of all this effort. The special customer services provide a constant feedback to the programmers and maintain a smooth customer satisfaction level.


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