How Zartash Actually Works?

Most of the clients ask that how zartash actually works? This article is all about those factual grounds on which Zartash plays! We at Zartash basically function on the basis of a list of professional ethics that define our working. We adhere to these regulations in every project and we have ensured the adaptation of the rules from the day we entered business. Our Business Strategy comprises of a line of action of work which is implemented under all conditions to all projects.

How Zartash Actually Works?

The workings regulations are listed below

Exploration and Data Mining:  After signing any project the first step at Zartash is handling of that project to the data analysis wing of Zartash. This wing thoroughly examines every aspect of the working of the customer’s prospects. After mining of data relevant to the specific business, Zartash’s experts monitor the market trends and requirements of similar projects in past.

Contriving Architecture: When all the data is on the map, our team lays out a architectural map of the working and framework of the project. Work is distributed among team leaders relevant to multiple fields (Content Writing, Coding, Debugging, and Graphical Designing). The team leaders individually research all aspect of the project and lay out a calendar of future proceeding. Time for each stage is divided, financial resources are estimated and costs are given to the customer. Upon the agreement of the customer, the next implementation state is initiated.

Panoptic Development: This process involves long time intervals of implementations of tasks assigned to every single team leader and the progress discussed in team meetings and changes proposed. The executive management overlooks the whole process to insure smooth working. This step is the actual core of the whole project as most of the paper based work is done in this step. Codes and Graphics are simultaneously designed and produced and stored. When tasks at both ends are submitted, they are linked together by the coding team which synchronizes the working of graphics with background coding.

Rigorous Testing Procedures: When the first final product is attained, it is exposed to exhaustive testing strategies that have been planned out by Zartash’s experts for years. The product is tested using standard 3-Phase Testing with Normal-Abnormal-Extreme Data Types as well as Alpha and Beta Testing. All the results are analyzed and all bugs/defects are removed. The product is sent for BETA testing to the customer and his review is taken.

Product Support Documentation: After a Final nod of approval from the customer, the product is finished and a user support manual and a technical support manual are established. The user support manual comprises of simple operations and workings of the project where as technical booklet comprises of information including flowcharts, testing results, source code and programmed codes. The manuals are handed over to the customer/uploaded to the product website and a customer satisfaction test is taken to ensure that the standard of satisfactions of customers is maintained on Zartash’s set level (100%).


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