How to become a web developer in 6 months

Anyone could gain the skills of web development in a proper 2-year course, but here we list down how to become a web developer in about 6 months’ time. Web development is a skill which involves developing websites using programming languages. It involves a number of elements, which when performed in a sequence, forms the basis of web development.

For starters, it is essential to know the basics of computing, like operating systems, the internet, intranet, websites, networks, client/server architecture and so on and so forth. If these essentials are known beforehand, it is only the matter of a little focus and the will to master the art of web development. Following a month by month schedule, anyone could learn the required programming languages and various techniques involved, and fittingly become a web developer.

  1. Start easylearn easy coding languages to begin with, and build simple static websites. HTML and CSS are probably the easiest languages in the development world. Learning these could take around 10-15 days. Put this knowledge into practice and build the first basic website. Based on trial and error method, and discovering new things along the way as you are moving ahead, mastering the basic non-moving website will take only about a month.
  1. Programming languages followweb development involves mastering concepts like design, client/server side programming, database technology etc. This is the most important step in the process of how to become a web developer. Client side programming is performed with JavaScript and jQuery. Mastering this language could take about 2 months’ time.
  1. Back-end development – once the client side architecture is learned, the next step is to get acquainted with the server side programming. PHP is the language to know for making interactive web pages. ASP.NET languages could also be used for the same, like VB.NET, C#. Knowing SQL at this point is essential, as this will help to access data on the server.
  1. Practice and read – after learning the coding languages, front end and back end programming languages, all that is left is to build websites and improvise. Learning by doing is the only way to achieve perfection in this field. Creating web pages, editing, adding new features, pages, functions etc is the best way to learn from your mistakes and master web development.

Learning something new in the technology field could get a little overwhelming. However nothing is very challenging if taken step by step. Slowly and gradually, and with substantial knowledge, mastery in the field of development will not be far.

Start by building a page that is interesting and then apply the new skills learnt for coding and programming; along the way, these skills will get polished. This is the only sure method of success – better understanding and logic. Web development is a skill that is in demand in this current internet age, where every organization requires a website. There are umpteen free resources online to learn coding, and so the question of how to become a web developer in 6 months could have various answers.

Photo credit: lejoe / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)