The essential web developer interview questions

When the need arises, we are often looking out for a list of essential web developer interview questions. The interviewer has to be prepared with the right questions which hit the mark, to test the technical knowledge of the candidate and at the same time to get a judgement about his/her general intelligence.

The quintessential breakdown of questions should be 4 technical and 3 general IT related, by which time the interviewer could get a good idea of whether the candidate is worth considering or not.

Web developer interview questions

What technical sites and IT related information do you regularly browse through?

If the candidate is really passionate about his/her work, it would reflect through this answer. Those who dive into IT and swim in this world deep down want to know everything that is new, update themselves on every bit of information there is to know, apply new methods and techniques and want to always learn. This is a very good quality for a web developer, because technology is constantly changing, and if the potential candidate has the capability to learn and apply, he/she would be the right one.

Which is your most preferred web development language and why?

This will give the interviewer an idea whether the candidate is well acquainted with different programming languages or do they only prefer one language because that’s all they know.

What sized websites have you worked on before?

Developers who have worked on big, detailed websites have different experiences than those who specialize in small sized websites. Find the candidate who has an expertise in creating the size of a website that you require.

Can you write HTML code by hand?

This is one important web developer interview question that everyone must ask, reason being that any developer who has knowledge of programming in and out should be able to write out a code without going through a reference manual.

What browser do you work on?

The candidate should be able to test the website on different browsers to check for cross-browser capability. If the answer to this question is one particular browser, then it should be assumed that this person maybe does not know or does not check his website thoroughly.

Show me your portfolio

This is the most essential and necessary web developer interview question, as it proves the candidates ability and shows his worth, in paper. It is important to note how many in that list have actually been completed. Checking each website in the portfolio will give the entire idea of what this developer is worth, his work is his mirror.

Is your code validated?

After development is complete, the developer needs to validate the website for errors. Not validating is like giving a website half completed, because errors/bugs always crop up from nowhere. To make sure the website runs clean and smooth, hire a developer who validates.

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