E-Commerce Web Development by Zartash

The primary purpose of E-Commerce Web Development is to draw customers and hence raise sales. Zartash has been working in the field of E-Commerce for a number of years. Commerce websites created by Zartash are highly popular and generate monthly revenues in thousands of dollars per month.

E-Commerce Web Development by Zartash

One of the most essential features in the field of commerce is security. Zartash employs HTTPS protocols to ensure foolproof security of customer data. The company also consistently practices anti key logging and customer awareness schemes to prevent key logging. The transmitted data is usually encrypted using 128 bit encryption that prevents any interpretation of data even if it is intercepted. The steps taken to ensure security of customer data add a sense of security in customers mind and give a satisfying feeling to customers.

Zartash initiates its commerce websites with the most fundamental tools including Product Catalogs and Shopping Carts. Zartash’s Research division studies market trends for months before launching catalogs and hence catalogs produced are compelling and captivating. For an enhanced experience of the product, Zartash provides the tools of Aspect Zooming and image rotation. The Customer Reviews at the bottom of every product captivate the visitor to purchase every single product. After Discussions with customers, Zartash also displays discounts offer in bewitching fashion which force price conscious customers to get attracted towards the product too.

Zartash features product suggestions as well as customer feedback pages considering visitor satisfaction as its number one priority. Visitors can also personally rate the products from 1 to 5 stars based on their experiences. For further queries, customers are also provided with quality support emails and numbers through which they can contact relevant quality officers. The continuous customer feedback allows company to alter/improve their products periodically while keeping in mind the market demands. For any complaints regarding the company’s products, Zartash provides rapid message services that are assured to get a reply within 24 hours. The company also ensures reply of queries within 48 hours.

Our company wants to make browsing as commodious for customers as possible so its features multiple tools including

  • Product Search Bar
  • Membership Services for Customers
  • Transactions logs
  • Discount Codes and Coupons
  • Shipping facilities
  • Gift card and Gift wrapping facilities

To manage the content on the website, Zartash uses multiple tools to help users which include

  • Shipping Guides/Costs
  • Inventory Management/Taxation
  • Accounts/Benefits
  • QuickBooks

To guarantee customer data safety and privacy rights, Zartash strictly follows international SSL protocols as well as the policy of never saving customer data. It regularly allows its servers to be monitored by international financial safety experts for transparency. This feature is also supported by Customer info modules which is completely secure and protects privacy of customer account details.

The independent parts of a E-Commerce Web Development by Zartash  are major factors in determining the commercial growth of any business. Zartash provides customer services pertaining to routine challenges of content management issues, Product management queries, Order fulfillment inquiries and Hosting facilities.


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