Custom web design prices charged by world’s top 10 firms

A website being the basic requirement for businesses worldwide, we take a look at custom web design prices charged by the world’s top 10 firms.

Web designing involves a number of elements. From deciding what to include on the site, to links to your social media accounts, to the number of headers and drop-down menus you would like, to deciding on the type of content you would want your customers to see, to deciding if your website should be responsive or not (adjustable views on different devices) and in today’s competitive market, the price for undertaking a website design and development task could range from anything between $500 to $5000.

Custom web design prices of the world’s best design companies;

Going through a comparison of prices charged by the top designing firms, we take a look at what kind of differences exist and why so.

  • Imulus – a digital agency that comprises a team of professionals who are committed to creating innovative and elegant solutions. Their average hourly rate ranges $150 – $160.
  • ePageCity, inc – with over 13 years of expertise, they provide custom web design solutions to meet current online needs and the growing mobile needs. Their average hourly rate ranges $100- $150. Although their custom web design price could go up, depending on the customizations.
  • Magic Logix – believe in driving client growth by merging creativity, technology and online marketing. Their average hourly rate ranges $100 – $150.
  • Forix Web Design – with a strong team of development and design individuals, the company has accrued a breadth of experience unmatched by most digital firms. Their average hourly rate floats under $25.
  • Cofa Media – they produce site designs that are simple to use, while maintaining a certain flair that cannot be found anywhere else. Their average hourly rate ranges $150- $160.
  • Think Tank Designs – a web design agency that offer print and online creative services to medium sized companies. Their average hourly rate ranges $100 – $150.
  • Duo Consulting – an agency that expertly and efficiently create custom solutions for clients. Their average hourly rate ranges $100-$150.
  • Tempo Creative –their happy clients include CEOs who understand effective marketing is key to progress. Their average hourly rate ranges $50 – $100.
  • Plethora Design – user experience specialists that offer services from web design to graphic design and e-commerce solutions. Average hourly rate ranges $100-$150.
  • Delphic Digital – create strategies that build, market and optimize the digital experience. Average hourly rate ranges $100-$150.

These prices are directed at the traditional web design services of content, structure, layout, colors, ease of navigation, uploading to the Internet Service Provider and SEO optimization. Adding special features and customizing is often at an added extra cost. Custom web design prices could add upto $100 extra per hour. Looking through this list, it could be enumerated that, although not very expensive, a general website design could suit all budgets, and a higher budget would naturally mean a better design.