Why Choose Zartash?

With the limitless expansion of the web horizon, customers today have countless choices when it comes to picking their cohort partnering web agencies and marketing firms. This revolutionary development has exponentially raised the quality bar for every assignment. In the monolithic competition amongst countless web agencies, Zartash has stood up as one of the most Prolific contractor in the field of web development due to its superlative professional ethics.

Rapid Response Service

We at Zartash believe that the satisfaction of customers is the foremost aspect in measuring the success of any project. Hence to resolve any possible query of the customer, Zartash offers 24/7 feedback on its website hence allowing the customers to attain the highest possible degree of satisfaction. Zartash proudly boasts a nearly 100% customer satisfaction rate. As soon as the customer registers any query on any specific part of the project, the query is instantly analyzed and is forwarded to the relevant technical staff which works out an extensive reply comprising of instructions and panoptic description of the proposed solution. All complains are personally reviewed by executive management for complete satisfaction of customers.

Selective Project Tendering Approach

Zartash only accepts a limited number of projects in a month thus concentrating all its manpower into fewer quantities of quality projects. Zartash hold a clear ideology of “Quality not Quantity”. This approach allows on time delivery of projects with minimal errors. Zartash unlike other companies does not over-promise thus it proudly boasts a 0% Under Delivery and Rejection Rate.

A Dedicated Team of Committed Professionals

The most important aspect of Zartash’s progress is its highly dedicated team. Our team comprises of brilliant and dynamic individuals that have all excelled in their respective fields. Many of our employees have been awarded with quality appreciation awards nationally and internationally.

A Coiffed and Elaborative Professional History

Zartash stands out amongst its competitors due to its extensive professional history. Zartash has dealt in countless projects all over the globe comprising of websites of all magnitudes and eccentrics. Our Lucid portfolio is only a minute reflection of our numerous assignments. Such a vast experience in the field of web development has shaped Zartash into top tier of web agencies.

Billowed Documentation Supports

Along with every project, Zartash supplements its customers with user manuals comprising of detailed instructions on the fundamentals of every specific part of the project. Components usually contain chiseled diagrams, Simplified Coding’s and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s). The information in these manually covers every single aspect of the working of the project. These support documents also include Source Codes in support with module codes so that customers can alter in any aspect in the future that they deem necessary.

A Hyperactive Management

The executive management of Zartash overlooks every single project before and after completion. Finished modules are tested using extensive 3-Type Data Entry Strategies resulting in a perfect product to be handled to the customer. The management also personally reviews performances of every employee and customer’s complains and responses regarding any issue.