Cheap web development is no more a secret!

Thinking of getting an all inclusive cheap web development package for your business? Not to worry, because such an affordable option is totally possible. Businesses are often skeptical about the cost factor when it comes to getting a website for their company. However, this shouldn’t be troublesome in this age, the reason being that in this online era, where everyone wants a website for their company, web development companies could be very cost-effective.

Web development comprises of several elements like defining the concept, framing the website architecture, designing the pages, content development, and lastly coding the website. Though starting all this from scratch and working on the details is time consuming, getting a basic website with limited features could work for your business, to start with. Going for comprehensive web development, a business could be investing a lot in terms of time and cost. A web development package that is cost effective could have the following standard features, in other words ‘you will get what you pay for’.

A cheap web development package

  • Initial sit-down for defining the concept – client requirements need to heard and understood before embarking on the development process. This time consuming task of listing down all needs and consequently planning the entire design and development will cost around $30.
  • A basic but intricate design – a web design with simplistic tools and approach would work out cost effective for businesses seeking fewer features and less complexity. The only cost that they would have to bear will be for the images purchased online. Besides this, the hours spent by the designer could account for a total of $50. If the website has to be responsive, another $200 could be added. Cheap web development is possible when a basic design with 2 alternate options will be provided.
  • Blogs and CMS – an option of having a content management system for blogs could be provided for another $200. Having a CMS for the entire website, with a need to change images and content frequently could be charged more.
  • Coding and development – the last step could be content development, through coding and integration. This would cost around $500, in case of simple websites only.

In short, a website needn’t be as complex as it should be. Every business could get a simple yet detailed website, with beautiful designs and easier transitions. The number of pages would be less, but as long as there is a website in place, it should suffice. The total cost of a basic website with the above features could sum up to $1,000. However, there is also the possibility of additional features with additional costing like – if the website has to be responsive (adaptable viewing on different devices), add $50; SEO will cost $800; e-commerce features will be $100; social media will add $500 extra, etc.

A cheap web development package is definitely available for all those businesses that seek budget websites. However, with a very low budget, it could be challenging to get even this basic a website.