Chances are that you would like to increase your site rankings on the search engine and that is why you are reading this. On Page SEO is one of the things you cannot afford to get wrong if you are going to achieve that goal of ranking high. Maybe you have noticed that when your potential customers search for a keyword that is related to your keyword, what comes up on the results page is not the home pages of the sites but particular pages related to that keyword. This is why on page seo should matter to you.

These are five things you could do to optimize your on page seo;

Your KEYWORD Research

This is like the most important part of your on page seo. If you don’t get your keyword research right, you will most likely not do well. Find out the keywords that matter to your business and are related and let them form the basis of your content


When you have an idea of the what the major keywords in your niche are, it is best to put them at strategic locations on your page. The first word in your title, In your url link, in the first hundred words on your page and liberally used in other places but not stuffed.


You can decide to write because you want traffic or you can decide to create content that people really want to read. The latter gets you the traffic while the former gets you nowhere near the top pages of the rankings


You don’t want to ram your page with javascript modules and all but text will take you far, multimedia will take you farther. If you can input some media into your page, it increases the stay time of your visitors on your page and that means a lot for your on page seo


The speed of your site also counts. Don’t be surprised. If google says it is important, then it is. You can boost your speed by compressing the images on your site and hosting on a fast server. If your site takes longer than 4 seconds, you lose the chance that a visitor would come back.

Are there other things you consider important for on page seo, Please feel free to share in the comments section.


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