Have you heard about the simple arithmetic of business? Well, you are about to! To get profit, you need customers, To get more profit, you need more customers. Now, getting customers is the equation you have to solve and it gets easier with more popularity. Popular businesses don’t have to look for customers right? It’s like the other way round, Customers look for them.

In this world wide web, popular businesses also don’t look for customers, customers search for them and yes, they find them. So, how do you get popular so your customers can come looking for you instead of the other way round, the answer is in building links and I am about to tell you how but let’s see what you are building first.
There are three kinds of links you can build.

I will advise you build these three types of links for diversification purposes.
1. There are links that you would get from other sites and other pages that will link directly to your page. The appropriate thing to do is to request for links on these other popular sites politely by showing them what value you are bringing, how it is in their interest and how it creates value for their audience. All you have to do is create valuable content and you have a link, create more valuable content and you have more links.

2. This second type of link is like the first, they are people who are linking to your site directly because you have so great a content that they direct a link to your site from their site without you having to ask.

3. This third type is self-created and is done through guest book signings, forum signatures, blog comments, user profiles and basically any interactive action demanded from your visitors. Generally, search engines have been known to discount sites that pursue this kind of link building aggressively so you want to thread softly.
Now, let’s make you popular on the web.

1. Use Your Customers

Get your loyal customers to link to you by sending them graphic icons that link back to your site, partnership badges or practically anything that identifies with them and gets any other interested persons to link back to your site. It’s like giving stickers to your loyal customers to put on their cars or customized shirts to your staffs and loyal customers.

2. Blog, Blogger, Bloggest

I have mentioned this in previous posts. If your company does not have a blog, you are missing on a lot of links already, there are keywords about your business and when customers search on the web, the links that appear goes to sites/blogs that provide valuable, informative and entertaining content that relates to those keywords. It’s the search engine doing their job. If you always provide fresh material or resource on a particular keyword, you are halfway to becoming popular. And be CONSISTENT!

3. VIRAL Content Strategy

There is not a more beautiful way of getting links than getting natural links that people just give you and that will happen only if you can create content that will go viral on the web. Once you can get people to share your great content everywhere because of how great it is, your popularity gets a turbo boost. What makes content great? The answer will require another piece but in simple terms: High Quality, Humour, Information, Solving a need and Extremely Practical.

4. Newsworthiness

If you can keep getting attention from the press regularly, you would be doing yourself a lot of good and if you have started thinking that by press I mean the television and radio journalists, you are playing old school already. If you can get their attention, the better for you. This is 21st century and bloggers and social media ‘overlords’ and vloggers are redefining journalism. Give away a free package, release a great product, start a promotion offer or a photo contest or a caption trial and let the bloggers know about it or if are bold enough, start a controversy. Better still, focus on a controversy and discuss both sides.

5. Link Buying

A lot of people will not usually include this in one of the ways to get links but the truth is it is one of the ways you can get links and I have decided to include it because of my very low level of hypocrisy. Yes, you can buy links and get popular, but there is a sad part of it. Google and Bing especially have ways of aggressively discrediting these links when they are detected. And then, you risk facing severe penalties one of which is dropping you rankings into the dark pages of the search results. Does it work? Yes! Until you are found and don’t say I didn’t tell you about your rank disappearing.
Are there other ways that you have used or you know about, Please feel free to share in the comments box.


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